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Date: 2018-01-10 06:06

If you stay within 655 miles, your drivers don 8767 t need a log if they have a time sheet at the office with the time started, time finished, and total number of hours that day. If you are hauling for-hire across state lines, you need operating authority, which you get from FMCSA.

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It 8767 s not completely correct.
You are required by law to prove competency with a firearm as a prerequisite to getting a licence, but that proof can be provided in many ways. A course is definitely one option and if you 8767 ve never shot before it 8767 s not a bad one but you must ask your local Garda Superintendent first as to which course he will accept because there is no national standard and you have no recourse if you paid for an expensive course that he decided not to accept afterwards.
Other, equally valid and much more traditional methods for providing that proof include joining a club that provides training to new members having a training licence having had licences previously and so on.

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8.) Log book? I will drive to Las Vegas and work for 69 days (varying hours per day), then drive to CA. I will fly home, then fly back in 7 weeks and drive through the same states, back to TN.

Business entities filing small claims actions in counties where e-filing is available must now electronically file small claims documents. For additional information please click here. 

I drive an F855 as a company truck. 66,555 gvw. Intrastate in Texas. According to Texas it does not require a cdl on its own. Usually I stay within 655 air miles and get home within 67 hours. Sometime I don 8767 t. Since it does not require a cdl on it 8767 s own, do I have to keep a logbook when I go past 655 miles or stay overnight?

Hi, my dad 8767 s licence expired a couple of years ago, he passed away and we have only found the gun. If we sell it on to a club do we need to apply for a licence?

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8775 . keep in mind, they only let you have 75 hours on-duty in any 8 day period. If you’re working 7 days a week, 65 – 69 hours a day, you’re way illegal. Take it easy. Take a day off here and there 8776

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