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21 Best Things to Do in Portland, Maine

Date: 2018-01-08 10:28

Anthony Renna Jr. would lie face-down on the floor and let his cousins draw on his bare back with markers. They would march toy dinosaurs and Army men across his back, and Tony would guess which toy was which.

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Located on the north bank (Washington State side) of the Columbia River, within sight of Portland, Fort Vancouver is among the Pacific Northwest&rsquo s most historically significant sites &ndash and one of its oldest European outposts. Even if you make it to the Oregon Historical Society Museum, Fort Vancouver is a great place to see the early history of Oregon Territory up close, and to discover the painful, still raw legacy of colonization.

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When he was adopted by Cheryl and Ray Legendre and moved to Saco, he brought a sharp intellect, a ready ability to learn English, a love of big machinery and a strong sense of self-reliance.

Utopia wanted to leave Sanford, where she felt drugs were too easy to get, and planned to move in with her boyfriend. She told Brown she imagined a happy future, a healthy home. She wanted to be a mother.

Mikey Fielders was dedicated to his grandparents. He had lived with them in Kittery on and off since he graduated from Marshwood High School in South Berwick. He loved them fiercely, especially his grandpa, and the feeling was mutual.

8775 It 8767 s not that we think that the governor is going to come out ready for a duel necessarily, but what his words bring other people to do, 8776 she said.

But Shauna had trouble with school and finding a career path for herself as she grappled with the transition to being the woman she knew she was, and the social hostility she encountered.

Joshua always worked. He was a mechanic, a landscaper, a construction laborer, and spent time in the restaurant business. He was a dishwasher (his favorite job), a busboy and a line cook. He worked at a few Portland restaurants, including DiMillo’s.

“When he was clean he was the nicest guy,” Anthony said. “Some of my best memories are talking to him. He was just like me.”

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