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Date: 2018-01-06 12:39

They clearly live in a differently lifestyle over there and have no idea what to do if they ever migrated here and tried to integrate themselves with modern day America. Keep in mind these are teenagers that are rather quite intelligent in school. Though, their street smarts seem to lacking I can see why most people would say that Asian 8767 s are racist.

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That kind of fascination can play itself out in some horrible ways. When one of the earliest Asian women was brought to the ., she was such a novelty to people here that they caged her like a circus animal and took her from town to town in what amounted to a freak show. The novelty people find in those they deem 8775 other 8776 is objectifying and certainly something we should struggle to rise above. But it 8767 s a pretty common thing worldwide. Culture seems to function in ways that make this kind of ethnocentrism common across the human experience, don 8767 t you think?

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This creates a situation in which white racists are no more morally bankrupt than any other brand of bigot, but they are more effective. After all, white as a racial category was created as the basis of a white supremacist political and economic system, just as 8775 Asian, 8776 and 8775 Black, 8776 etc., were created in order to dehumanize and subjugate non-whites within that same system. Even if you perceive Asians to be 8775 so 8776 racist, we 8767 re certainly not more racist if you measure racism in terms of broad impact. And in addition to the structural racial inequality that is the legacy of this history, keep in mind, our political system in based on majority rule.

Can Black And Asian Dating Happen in Asia?

Yet, Africans have had these features for over one million years (high cheekbones, epicanthus fold, ect., but black to brown skins, kinky hair, small to tall stature). Hence let s say the Africans who migrated to China about 95,555 years ago had features like the Kong-San.

6. To all of the white posters here claiming Asian racism and white innocence, GTFO pls. By and large, whites are just as sneaky and conniving, if not more so, than Asians. The difference is, whites will try to hide said sneakiness. And then when confronted, will deny to the death that they are covering up said sneakiness. Lol at you.

While this is often true, I think we 8767 re throwing the baby out with the bath water if we decide that, for this reason, we should take down affirmative action rather than simply reform it to avoid the outcome you 8767 re describing.

You re humiliating yourself. You know who s lazy and utterly stupid? The immigration officer who let you into our country.

Why? That 8767 s complex to answer on a comment section but I think that many Asian-identified people have fallen victim to the far-right 8767 s divide and conquer strategy, the one that differentiates between immigrants from Asia and Africa, LatAm, etc and posits that the former are somehow superior (many times the argument is made that the latter are genetically inferior)

I think that anyone, even without a background in psychology can see how attractive this 8775 member of a superior ethnicity 8776 status can become and not just to individuals with low self regard or narcissism, although those populations would certainly be more vulnerable to defending such ideologies.

all women come in different shades and shapes,its true also in the far a born and bred chinese,im big curvy,darker toned than average,not the stereotypical cant speak for ALL other far east countries,but the problem in china is people are not exposed as we like them 7 b,they associate dark-skinned people with poverty,in their opinion dark-skinned people come from two countries:US or Africa

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