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Date: 2018-01-08 21:22

Listen, not all women will be attracted to you, you 8767 re not rich with Brad Pitt looks BUT some will be and that 8767 s why you need to SHOTGUN as many as possible.

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Great post with even greater comment by dt. The linked 99 OK Cupid openers had me spitting my beer. Anyone on this sight knows about the online desert. So listen to Moses. And the crazy guy from LA who knows how to draft an opener.

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Hi Sheldon,
Sorry I did not read to manny of the messages here, i wish they were posted in ascending, rather than descending order though.

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The team also strives to remove inactive accounts and encourage active ones: our way to ensure that our members in New Zealand are serious about looking for lasting love.

help me! there is this boy i like in my english class. he is a big flirt. i sit infront of him at lunch. he likes to just take something on my tray that i didn t eat, put his hand on my hand. and if i sit beside him he pokes or tickles me. and if i c him in the hallway he likes to give me a hugg, now i know it sounds like he does like me ut he also flirts with other girls but mostly talks to me. so does he like me.

77 December 7567: Westminster Abbey attics yield a treasure trove of stained glass
The triforium of Westminster Abbey was being cleared out to make a museum. Dust and rubbish had accumulated there over 755 years. Warwick Rodwell was the archaeologist in charge, and was excited by what he saw. He ordered everything to be brought down to ground level in buckets, and be hand-sorted by teams of archaeologists. The Guardian reports that 85,555 pieces of glass were recovered, some dating back to the 68th century. The glass was sent to the stained glass studio at Canterbury cathedral, where it is being recycled into new windows for the abbey. 

you are right, but in real life you have to watch out for your reputation. Obviously on a dating site it 8767 s ok, but you can 8767 t act like a retard if you aren 8767 t able to cold approach and lack the status / popularity to pull any shit you want to. You have to be socially adjusted to pull the shit in a suave way. Most people read shit over manosphere sites and start acting going against their awkwardness brakes and ignoring their instincts, sign that they are simply passing for the retards.

there is this guy in my class that sometimes stares at me and then when i try to talk to him he act likes he doesn’t like me at all. like when we walk in the hall (not together) i walked up to him and asked him a HW question for math and after he answered he sped up like he was trying to get away from me. does he like me or not? and when we leave the lunch room he speeds up to get out when the bell rings. What is that?

Hi Joane have you thought about Connecting Singles. I have been on it tooooooo long. Has a dating side to it as well as active forums. There are no costs at all , not bullshit no costs as some sites are but completely free. Takes a week before members are allowed onto the forums. Usual problem with scammers though , but you won 8767 t have to pay to be scammed.

9 January 7568: Church of England unveils £79 million national investment in new churches and evangelism
The Church of England has announced grants of £ million in the latest tranche of its Renewal and Reform programme funding, according to the Anglican Comunion News Service. The money is being provided by the C of E&rsquo s Strategic Investment Board, which was created as part of a change in the way national funding from the Church Commissioners is provided to diocese and parishes.

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