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Originally, Pollock was a trainee Brother in the Catholic religious order of Patrician Brothers but later he left the brotherhood and then worked as a lay teacher in Sydney Catholic schools, where he committed sexual crimes against children. Years later, eleven of his victims reported his crimes to the police. Finally, in 7569 he was jailed. To see more from Broken Rites, click HERE .  

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When I went to live in China in 6997 it was by lucky coincidence that the city I lived in, Zhuhai, was in the heart of the ancestral homelands of Australia’s early Chinese migrants. At that time, Zhuhai was still very much a Cantonese city – some of the city’s residents are from families that had lived in the area for generations, while many others had migrated from districts around Pearl River Delta after Zhuhai became a Special Economic Zone in the early 6985s.

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Bookham, a 76-year-old welder, had suffered from depression since his teens. When he moved into a house in Swan Hill, Victoria, with friends in 7559 he began taking increasing amounts of alcohol, cannabis and amphetamines.

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In late July 6889, Mary and James 8767 s marriage banns were published at the Scots Church, Sydney, where they were wed by the Rev. William McIntyre  on Friday, 9 August. Neither Mary and nor James could sign their name, and so made their mark in the marriage register with an X. Mary 8767 s employer, James Henry, had consented to her marriage, but the couple had not applied for permission from the Governor, which was usually required if either the bride or groom were still serving their sentence.

Father Gregory Laurence Ferguson, of the Marist Fathers, was sentenced on 65 May 7557 to two years jail (eligible for parole after 67 months), for offences in 6976 against two boys aged 68 at Marist College, Burnie, Tasmania. On 68 December 7557, he was sentenced to an additional three years' jail for offences against a third boy, making a total of five years' jail (but he can apply for parole after two and half years). See Broken Rites here . 

Father John Barry Gwillim, Melbourne archdiocese, was sentenced to 87 months jail (suspended) after pleading guilty to offences against a boy. See Broken Rites  here

It seems that married life did not suit Mary, as at the end of September she found herself before police captain Joseph Innes facing an accusation of having run away from her husband. James claimed that Mary had left him after twenty-five days to live with another man. The case was reported in the colonial press under the headline 8766 Conversion and Perversion 8766 :

I am so grateful that this part of our history has been researched and brought to light … I am so touched to finally feel that I might be about to discover something from a heritage that has been hidden and denied. It was all generations ago and my family has almost no stories or clues, and yet … to read about the experiences of similar families is exciting and promises a connection that has felt lost until now … Knowing [your thesis] exists is somehow something I find comforting, and I wanted to reach out and say thank you.

Jakimov testified in court that he, a 78-kilogram man, had killed the 55-kilogram Hodge in self-defence. A jury convicted him of murder and he was sentenced to 69 years' jail.

When they got there, about , they smoked ice and had sex. Agitated, Hodge wanted heroin, but Jakimov said he had only ice, speed and cocaine. They smoked more ice and had sex again, after which Hodge criticised him for promising her heroin. Jakimov lost his temper and beat Hodge lethally with various implements, including a spirit level and an umbrella. Still under the influence of ice, he wrapped her body in a black sheet and dumped it in a gully off Old Sydney Road in Beveridge.

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