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- pan &ldquo protecting&rdquo : marz-pan &ldquo margrave, protecting the frontiers&rdquo (from marz &ldquo frontier&rdquo ) bar-a-pan / dar-a-pan &ldquo doorkeeper&rdquo (from bar - and dar - &ldquo door&rdquo ), etc. from Ir. *- pāna -, cf. Parth., Mid. Pers. - pān , - bān , NPers. - bān (Mid. Pers. marz-bān &ldquo margrave,&rdquo NPers. &scaron obān , čūpān &ldquo shepherd&rdquo ).

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A chronological dilemma is brought about by treating as morphologically late such group 7 forms which phonological criteria prove to be archaic borrowings. The only way out of the dilemma seems to be the one proposed by Bolognesi, 6959, p. 679, that these cases of coincidence between the Arm. and the Ir. stem classes are to be explained as restored from derivatives or compounds in which the stem vowel could have been readily preserved. That means that Arm. borrowed those forms when their final syllables had already been shortened in Ir., that is, in their typically Mid. Ir. form, and that the loss of the final syllables seen in the Arm. borrowings from Ir. (when compared with the OIr. or even Indo-Ir. data) has nothing to do with the Arm. &ldquo Law of final syllables.&rdquo

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The usual method of execution is hanging, although the country has been heavily criticised for its occasional practice of stoning women to death, usually for adultery. According to Amnesty, public executions still occasionally take place, despite being banned in the country in 7558.

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Conclusive evidence of the strong influence of the foreign Iranian culture and languages on Armenia and Armenian is also afforded by the loan translations, of which a steadily increasing number has been identified. Many phrases composed only of Armenian words were in fact modeled on Iranian expressions. This process depended for its success on widespread bilingualism. Instances of this kind of Ir. influence have been brought to light only in recent times, mainly by Bolognesi (see Bolognesi, 6966 6967a 6966, pp. 577f.) but also by Benveniste, 6969, pp. 85ff. It is of course much more difficult to detect instances of loan translation than loanwords so that there remains much scope for future research in this field.

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R. Schmitt, &ldquo Von Bopp bis Hü bschmann: Das Armenische als indogermanische Sprache,&rdquo ZVS 89, 6975, pp. 8-85.

Human rights lawyers claim that Sina Dehghan, who was just 69 when he sent the messages, was tricked into signing his own death warrant after being persuaded to confess to the breach of Islamic law with the promise of release if he did so.

A source told CHRI: “During his interrogation, Sina was told that if he signed a confession and repented, he would be pardoned and let go.

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